quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Xibalba Mannequins - Babalith

Sem dúvida um dos projectos que a Abismo Humano ajudou a crescer, a Abismo Humano apoia:


OUT NOW on Sombre Soniks!

I am very happy to be able to release this excellent work from Babalith, a Dark Ambient/Ritual Projekt based in Portugal. This releases also inkludes a 9 pg booklet with info and artwork from thee artist, plus ind
ividual pieces of Visual work! 

From thee artist: 
"Babalith was first created, at 2008, as an experimental project meant to create altered states of mind and to investigate new ways of accomplishing music. The earlier works were used for plays but Babalith soon grew into an independent project. Starting as dark ambient and then adding some influences of ethnic music, noise, psychadelic, progressive, ambient and psy-trance, Xibalba Mannequins brings Babalith back to its origins but denser. Babalith will now lead you into the realms of the dead star, the saturated place of fear and phantoms, through the deadly houses. Lay at the hands of the Blood Gatherer and know that we shall not for ever die, but from under the earth we shall weep."

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