quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Solve et Coagula, Orpheus @ Lisboa, 17 Agosto

Não percam a oportunidade única de assistir a este musical da Metamorphic Ritual Theatre com o actor e compositor australiano Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule no papel de Órfeu e três das mais exóticas bailarinas portuguesas, Soraya Moon, Haxina Gaius e Mónica Pedroto no papel de Maenads, a acontecer na sede da associação sociocultural e artística Kultdulé.

Entrada: 6 euros.



2012 MetaMorphic Ritual Theatre Production

The Ancient Greek bard Orpheus can never return to the Underworld after seeking his lost love there. Immortalised yet unable to appreciate His eternal body, he was torn limb from limb by the Maenads, wildwomen in the retinue of Dionysos. The disembodied head floated off down the river of Acheron, singing ever…

A head, alone on the currents, adrift on the elements, found by the Knights Templar and become their oracle…

A head, having learnt presence, disembodied yet with heightened senses, aware now of the power of the physical form in which it is forever encased, wise and carnal, desires to make a new body...

In 2011 Orryelle created a life-size statue which was a composite of 31 smaller wax figures in a variety of positions and poses. During the course of a black-light performance, these glowing figures floated through space to fit together and interlock progressively forming the larger composite figure.

This performance and installation previewed in Melbourne Australia, then featured in the Sept. 2011 Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle USA.

The result of this multimedia experiment is a distillation of the process involved. Now a stop-animation film has been created of the statue forming from its composite parts. This frees Orryelle in the performance context to dance live the progressive reclamation of the whole body which the work explores, healing the body-mind split in an aptly more physical expression, while singing the story of Orpheus in the oral tradition of such mystery plays. The backing film provides larger more detailed imagery of the statue's assemblage than could be seen previously live even in the front row.

This new refined version of the show will debut in Melbourne (Australia) March 2012, followed by performances in Europe and the UK -dates and locales to be confirmed.

More information and pictures from the previous version (2011) of this production can be found at http://www.crossroads.wild.net.au/morph.htm

-Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Director, MetaMorphic Ritual Theatre Co.


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Haxina Gauius


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