segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Sobre o Próximo Lançamento

The Hanged Man, Orryelle

Lançamento da revista Abismo Humano nº4-
A 21 de Maio, Centro Chokurei, Lisboa, às 22 horas.
Rua Pinheiro Chagas, nº48 2º.
Orryelle na performance teatral e no violino, Lila Lilith na dança do ventre e dança butoh, Epic a esculpir ao vivo com vidro.

This special alchemical tour around Europe in May and June 2010 features Orryelle -musician (violin, voice, electronica), performer and director of Australia's Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company is collaborating with the Austrian glass-blower 'Epic' -to have the spectacle of live glass-blowing as a part of the performances- and the Butoh and Bellydance fusion dancer Lila Lilith (Israel). Orryelle will be performing Alchemical Ritual Theatre and music concerning the alchemical colour-phases as the different liquids pass through the display of alchemical glassware, while Epic creates more glassware live as a part of the alchemical process from the fire of the furnace (occasionally pausing to play some flute in the soundscape!)...
While Lila dances each of the different alchymic phases in different styles and corresponding coloured costumes.
During the journey the casting of some of Orryelle's mythical clay sculptures will be combined with the glass-blowing to create alchemical vessels with sphinx paws, griffin heads etc. Hybrid creatures have always been prevalent symbols in alchemical art for the union of disparate elements, so to have their features embellishing actual glass vessels is a special opportunity, and some of these works will also be on display and for sale after each show, in addition to Orryelle's drawn alchemical Art and books and Lila's alchymic potions.

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